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Mus. 2358-E-33 (1)
ZELENKA, Gio. Dis.
Uniform Composer:
ZELENKA, Jan (Lukáš Ignatius) Dismas (b Louňovice pod Blaníkem 1679–d Dresden 1745)
Title (Catalogo):
[Hymni]: De Confessore. Iste Confessore
Location (1765):
Schranck III; Fach 23; Lage 19
Scoring (1765):
‘a 4 Voci con Stromti’
Materials (1765):
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2358-E-33 (1)
Iste Confessor/ Deus tuorum militam
Thematic Index:
ZWV 117
Uniform Title:
post 1728
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Zelenka: Inventarium. 30/5: ‘Pro festo S. J. Baptist Ut queant laxis : Pro Commun. Confessor[m]Iste Confessor Simul scripti’
Autogr. scores of Iste Confessor (Vespers hymns for feasts of Confessors) and Deus tuorum militum (Vespers hymn for Common of One Martyr). Damaged and only partly legible.
Grey-blue and brown wrappers (new) with damaged labels corresponding to the Hofkirche catalogues of 1765 and c1784:
Schran[ck] No. III | Z. 23. Fach 19. Lage | Hymnus | Pro Confes[sore?] | Iste Confefs | à 4 voci | co’ WWni [?] | Partitura| del Sigr [Zelencka] | Incipit.
Schranck No. III | Lit. Z.21. Fach [1?]9. [Lage] | [illegible] | à 4 voci co’ VVni Viola ed O[rg.] | Partitura [e parti?] | del Sigr Zel[encka] | Incipit.
At the concl. of Deus tuorum militum an instruction is given about further use of this setting for Veni [Creator?] (Pentecost). Below the score of Deus tuorum militum (p. 5) is an instruction: NB: Fit [...] Hymno Sub tuum praesidiu[m].
In a SLUB folder titled ‘Venturini’ (D-Dl Mus. 1271-E-1,1) sets of parts are found in a Kapellarchiv-Umschlag with three titles in Zelenka's hand: Hymni | à 4 | 1. Iste Confessor | 2. Veni Creator Spiritus | 3. Deus tuoru[m] militu[m]. This source has been given the call number D-Dl 2358-E-33. The set of seven parts (for Iste Confessor (D-Dl 2358-E-33,1,2a) comes from 1729 or later. At the conclusion of Verse 1 Zelenka wrote ‘Fit praeludiu[m].’
On Zelenka’s hymn settings see Zelenka-Dokumentation, 124–8, No. 15. On this setting see 299, ZWV 117.
In the ‘Catalogo della Musica di Chiesa’ (c1784) score only is listed under the heading De Confessore | Iste Confessor | à 4 voci | co’VVni Viola ed Org. (III/Z/21/19).
An autogr. score and set of seven parts for another setting of the hymn Iste Confessor (verses 1 and 5 only) have been recovered in a wrapper titled ‘Venturini’: D-Dl, Mus. 1271-E-1,2/ -2a. This is probably the work listed as ‘Hinweise auf nicht identifizierbare Werke Zelenkas’, ZWV 236. See Stockigt, ‘Discoveries and Recoveries of Vivaldi and Zelenka’, 228, with transcription by Frederic Kiernan, 231–3.
Sächs. Landesbibliothek. Depositum der Kath. Hofkirche
V. 10 (1904), 337–8: Zelenka, Johann Dismas [...] In Dresde. kath. Kirche [...] No hymn listings
SLB Card Catalogue:
(Aut. 242) Mus. 2358-E-33
Zelenka, Giovanni Disma: [Hymnen. Z 117, Z 120 , Z 113]
De Confessore a 4 voci. Part. 1 Bd. 4o Orig. -Mus.-Mscr. Part.: Orig.-Ms. Kath. Hofkirche.
1. Iste Confessor m.B.u. Viol.
2. Veni Creator Spiritus. m.B.c.
3.Deus tuorum mihi [sic!] m.B.c.
Scores for Iste confessore and Deus tuorum militum held by SLUB. The score of Zelenka’s second setting of Veni Creator (ZWV 120) was not catalogued in 1765 nor in c1784.
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