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Mus. 2358-E-8
ZELENKA, Gio. Dis.
Uniform Composer:
ZELENKA, Jan (Lukáš Ignatius) Dismas (b Louňovice pod Blaníkem 1679–d Dresden 1745)
Title (Catalogo):
[Antiphonae]: Salve Regina: No 1.
Location (1765):
Schranck III; Fach 17; Lage 1
Scoring (1765):
‘a Sopr. Solo co’ VVni Viola e 1 Flauto’
Materials (1765):
Partitura; Parti
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2358-E-8
Thematic Index:
ZWV 135
Uniform Title:
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Jan Dismas Zelenka. Inventarium 42/2
Bound (new) autogr. score. No blue-grey cover; no title. Parts are missing.
Dedication and date: O A M D G G B V M OO SS H AA P I R | 17 Settember 1730.
See also III/30/4 (Mus. 2358-E-8) of this catalogue (1765) where the work upon which this version is based is listed under the heading Musica senza nome del’Autore. (The incipit given there is an octave lower than the incipit given above). It is not known whether this setting is a revision by Zelenka of an earlier composition (to suit changing musical tastes in Dresden and the voice of one of the castrati who arrived from Venice earlier that year), or whether he revised a setting by another composer which he had copied when living in Vienna.
See Zelenka-Dokumentation, 133, Dok. 54; 300, ZWV 135. Examples showing stylistic changes between the two versions are published by Stockigt in ‘Einflüsse auf Zelenkas Kompositionsstil’, Notenbeispiel 24a, 24b, 292–3.
Jóhannes Ágústsson writes that Zelenka’s Salve Regina (ZWV 135, 17 September 1730) was sung either by the castrato Ventura Rochetti, or by Giovanni Bindi; it presents a much more accomplished writing for the voice than earlier seen in Zelenka’s works, and has been taken as an example of the influence of the new singers on the composer. See ‘The secular vocal music collection of Jan Dismas Zelenka’, 15.
In the later ‘Catalogo della Musica di Chiesa’ (c1784) score and parts are listed under the heading 6 Salve Regina. No. 1 (III/Z/16/8). The scoring is given as ‘à Soprano Solo co’ VVni Vla 1 Flaut: ed Org.’
Sächs. Landesbibliothek. Depositum der Kath. Hofkirche
V. 10 (1904), 337: Zelenka, Johann Dismas [...] In Dresde. kath. Kirche [...] Antiphonen
SLB Card Catalogue:
(Aut. 238) Mus. 2358-E-8
Zelenka, Giovanni Disma:
Salve Regina. No 1 a Soprano solo [mit Orch.] A-moll. Z 135 Part. u. St.
1730 1 Bd m. 19 St. 4to Mus.-Mscr. Part.: Orig.-Mscr. Kath. Hofkirche. Stimmen stehen gesondert
Autogr. score of Salve Regina (a minor) by Zelenka (Mus. 2358-E-8) held by SLUB; 19 parts to accompany the score missing from Dresden.
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