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Mus. 2878-E-1
VALLE, Pietro
Uniform Composer:
?VALLE, Pietro [Listed in the SLB Catalogue as as Pietro Volle]
Title (Catalogo):
Motetto: Larvae crudeles
Location (1765):
Schranck III; Fach 4; Lage 1
Scoring (1765):
‘a Soprano solo co’ VVni Vla e B e Corni’
Materials (1765):
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2878-E-1
Motetto [...] dell Sig. Piero Valle
Thematic Index:
Uniform Title:
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Score copy without cover. No watermarks.
Head of score: No. 18. Motetto Canto Solo Con Sinf[oni]a dell Sig. Piero Valle. This name is written over an erasure.
This work in five movements in the hand of a Dresden court copyist.
The instrumental writing (the oboes have independent parts) shows signs of early classical orchestration.
Concerning Pietro Volle, I am grateful to Claudio Bacciagaluppi who advised me that there is probably a misspelling in the SLB card catalogue. These are reasons he gives:
1. Eitner does not mention a Pietro Volle, but Larvae crudeles is listed as a composition by Pietro Valle (EitnerQ, vol. 10, p. 29).
2. Neither RISM online nor Sartori's card catalogue of music manuscripts in Italy mention a Pietro Volle.
3. A motet in 'furore' style with the term 'larvae' in the title appears to be popular among Milanese composers: RISM online lists two soprano motets by Johann Christian Bach ('Larvae tremendae') and Gaetano Piazza ('Tetrae larvae'), Sartori's cards list a bass motet by Carlo Monza (again 'Larvae tremendae'...).
Thus, for the time being, Larvae crudeles (cruel demons) can be attributed to the Milanese composer Pietro Valle.
In the later ‘Catalogo della Musica di Chiesa ...’ (c1784) score only is listed for the motet ‘Larvae crudeles’ by Pietro Valle (III/V/6/11). The scoring is given as: ‘à 4 voci co’ VVni. Oboi, Viola ed Org.’
Sächs. Landesbibliothek. Depositum der Kath. Hofkirche
V. 10 (1904), 29: Valle, Pietro della [...] in der kathol. Kirche zu Dresden: Larvae crudeles, Sopr. c. 2 V. Ob. Va. Corni, Org. Ms. P. u. Stb. Ob dies der obige ist, bleibt zweifelhaft. Ich halte ihn
für einen Komponisten des 18. Jhs.
SLB Card Catalogue:
Mus. 2878-E-1 Volle, Pietro Motetto Canta Solo Con Sinf.a. A dur C. Part. 1 H. quer-4to Mus. –Mscr. Kath. Hofkirche
Score copy of the motet Larvae crudeles by Pietro Valle held by SLUB.
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