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Mus. 2200-D-2
Uniform Composer:
FAGO, Francesco Nicola; ‘detto Tarantino’ (b Taranto 1677–d Naples 1745)
Title (Catalogo):
Messe No 1
Location (1765):
Schranck III; Fach 2; Lage 1
Scoring (1765):
‘a 5 voci co’ VVni Viola B e Trombe’
Materials (1765):
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2200-D-2
Messa à 5
Thematic Index:
Uniform Title:
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Bound score copy of a missa tota. Italian copy bound in Naples.
The Kyrie/Gloria settings have no title pages.
Caption title (Kyrie): Messa à 5 con Ripieni e Stromenti. | Del Sigr: Nicolò Fago detto Tarantino. Hand of Ristori.
Trumpets are not included in this version of the Kyrie. They enter at the Gloria.
Caption note (Gloria): ‘la violetta sola coll B. Dieci Voci’
Title page (Credo): Credo, Sanctus, & Agnus Dei à 5. Con Ripieni | Del Sigr Nicola Fago, detto il | Tarantino.
Final page. Lower right: ‘29 file[tto] ’, reference to the gold decorations pressed onto the spine of the binding.
This is one of the Neapolitan masses entered under the name Fago in ‘Musica di Chiesa di varii Autori’ in Maria Josepha’s catalogue (No. 6) (D-Dl, Bibl.-Arch. III Hb 787c), an inventory that can be dated to c1743 (dating given by Jóhannes Ágústsson, ‘The Secular Vocal Collection of Jan Dismas Zelenka’, 33). The other Neapolitan Kyrie/Gloria settings are by Francesco Feo (I/F/13/8), and Domenico Sarro (III/S/7/1). These are listed into the Catalogo (1765) but not in later catalogues of Wettin family members. This setting represents an example of exchange between the royal collection and the collection of Dresden’s Catholic court church. Items could migrate from one member of the royal family to another through gift or inheritance. It also seems that they could also be given to the court musicians. See Bacciagaluppi & Stockigt, ‘Italian Manuscripts of Sacred Music in Dresden’, 150–51.
NB the similar appearance of this source to Feo’s Kyrie e Gloria (Mus. 2409-D-1).
In the later ‘Catalogo della Musica di Chiesa ...’ (c1784) two scores are listed for this Mass setting by Tarantino (Fago). Mus. 2200-D-2 is a complete Mass setting (III/T/6/2). Scoring: ‘à 5 voci co’ VVni. Oboi, Vla Trombe ed Org.’ Marked ‘fehlt’; the other is this listing of a Kyrie/Gloria pair, also marked ‘fehlt’ (III/T/6/3).
CZ-Pkřiž, XXXVI A 145. From the final quarter of the 18th century.
Sächs. Landesbibliothek. Depositum der Kath. Hofkirche.
V. 3 (1902), 381: Fago, Nicola [...] In der Kgl. Musicaliensamlg. in Dresden: Messa (Kyrie et Gloria) a 5 v. c. strom. P. AND
V. 9 (1903), 351: Tarantino, ... im Archiv der kath. Kirche in Dresden: 2 Messen f. 5 Stim. und kleines Orchester [...]
SLB Card Catalogue:
Fago, Nicolo [detto Tarantino]: Messa à 5 con Ripieni e Stromenti. D dur. 4/4. Part. Mus.-Mscr. o. J. 1 Bd. qu.-4to. Kath. Hofkirche.
Score copy of a Messa (D) by Fago (‘detto Tarantino’: Mus. 2200-D-2) held by SLUB.
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