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Mus. 2356-D-2 [Mus. 2356-D-2a]
SARRI, Dom[eni]co
Uniform Composer:
SARRO, Domenico [Natale] (b Trani, Apulio 1679—d Naples 1744)
Title (Catalogo):
Messe: No 1. Kyrie e Gloria
Location (1765):
Schranck III; Fach 1; Lage 1
Scoring (1765):
‘a 5 voci con VVni Viola Basso e 1 Corno’
Materials (1765):
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2356-D-2 [Mus. 2356-D-2a]
[Missa S. Joannis Nepomunci à 5’]
Thematic Index:
Uniform Title:
pre1729 (see Remarks)
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Mus. 2356-D-2: Jan Dismas Zelenka. Inventarium 9/40 or 41?. Margin = ‘manca’; -D-2a: Royal Collection (Maria Josepha?)
Mus. 2356-D-2: A damaged score copy of Kyrie and Gloria setting by Sarri. The cover is missing. No caption title.
According to the SLB card catalogue this score once had a title page in Zelenka’s hand naming the work ‘Missa S. Joannis Nepomunci à 5’.
NB: John of Nepomuk was canonized in 1729. The title of the Inventarium entry (‘Missa Divi Nepomuceni’), and the date and title of the Prague copy (CZ Pnm, XXXIII-A-28. ‘1723 A: ‘Missa Divo Joanni Nepomuceno Sacra’) suggest that the copy received by Zelenka pre-dated the canonization of John of Nepomuk in 1729. After canonization the score must have been re-titled. (See the title given in SLB card catalogue).
No sign of working by Zelenka is evident in this score.
The Dresden copyist (identified by Horn as ZS 1 = from early 1730s) had little understanding of figured bass. Errors abound.
This work is a ‘number ’setting: the Gloria comprises ten movements, many with instrumental obbligatos.
Incipits are given in Zelenka-Dokumentation, 66, Nr. 209.
Mus. 2356-D-2a: A Neapolitan source.
A damaged score copy of the same Kyrie and Gloria setting by Domenico Sarri with a sticker with the number ‘30’. The final pages of the score are missing.
Title page: No: 1 | Messa à 5 Voci con ripieni V.V. Trombe, ed Obuè | Del Sig.r Dom:co Sarri.
This is probably the “Missa à 5’ of Sarri listed in the music catalogue of Maria Josepha.
See Bacciagaluppi & Stockigt, ‘Italian Manuscripts of Sacred Music in Dresden’, Table 4, 162.
1. CZ Pnm, XXXIII-A-28. ‘1723 A’. Set of parts formerly held at Osek ‘[...] Chori Ossensis’ written on front of wrapper: ‘Missa Divo Joanni Nepomuceno Sacra [...] Comparata à P: Floriano Burian Osseci professo’ written on the inner side of the wrapper.
2. The incipit (above) agrees with the incipit of a Missa integra listing in the Osek Inventory, 1754,‘Catalogus Musicalium pro Chorò Ossecénsi’ (1754+) under the heading ‘Catalogus Missarum pro Stylo moderno producibilium. Missa Solennissimae’ (sub littera A, fol. 1, No. 4).
3. CZ-Pkřiž, XXXV D 57. Held by the Kreuzherren, Prague. Copyist: Gayer. RISM ID no. 550255301.
Mus. 2356-D-2: Sächs. Landes-Bibl.
A 398 (-D-2); ‘30’ on a sticker (-D-2a)
V. 8 (1903), 426–7: Sarro (Sarri), Domenico [...] In Dresd. Mus: Ms. A 399, P. qufol. Missa (in G)
S. Joannis Nepomuceni, a 5: 2 C. A. T. B. 2 V. 1 Ob. 1 Tromba, Vol. e Bc. (Kyrie et Gloria). In Ms. A 338 dieselbe Missa
SLB Card Catalogue:
Missa S. Joannis Nepomunci [Kyrie e Gloria] à 5 [Voci con strom.] Tit. v. Zelenka’s Hand. qu. 4to Mus.-Mscr.
Two score copies of Kyrie and Gloria in G by Domenico Sarro (Mus. 2356-D-2; -D-2a) held by SLUB. Mus. 2356-D-2 came from Zelenka’s collection.
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