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Mus. 2-D-500
Uniform Composer:
SARRO, Domenico [Natale] (b Trani, Apulio 1679—d Naples 1744)
Title (Catalogo):
Messe: No 1. Kyrie e Gloria
Location (1765):
Schranck III; Fach 27; Lage 1
Scoring (1765):
‘a 5 voci co’ VVni Vla e Corni’
Materials (1765):
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2-D-500
Messa Senza Nome d’Autore
Thematic Index:
Uniform Title:
[‘1725’ on D-B, SA 453]
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Maria Josepha? Loaned to Jan Dismas Zelenka? Inventarium 11/67?
A Kyrie e Gloria by Antonio Sarro. Neapolitan score copy with leather binding.
Title page: No: 1 | Messa Senza Nome d’Autore | Schranck No. 3. Fach 27. Lage 1.
Head of score (left): Messa a 5 voci co’ V.V. Obuè e Tiorbe:
In this number setting two ‘Trombe’ (always written in bass clef) are scored in the movements ‘Domine Deus Rex’ and ‘Cum Sancto Spiritus’; The ‘Flauto P[ri]mo’ is required in the ‘Qui tollis’.
Beneath the opening bars of Domine Deus Rex, ‘Domini /primo’ is written in Zelenka’s hand.
Beneath the opening bars of the Domine Deus Rex Zelenka wrote ‘Domini 2dum’; beneath the opening bars of the Qui tollis I he wrote ‘Qui tollis prim[o]’, and beneath the opening bars of the Qui tollis 2: ‘Qui tollis 2du[m]’ is written (by Zelenka?). Zelenka added figures to bass line (see p. 43).
Dedication at the conclusion of score: Laus Deo, ac Beate Marie Virginis | 38. Min.
Final page (lower right): the remark ‘24 file’[tto] refers to the gold decorations pressed onto the spine of the binding.
This one of the Neapolitan Masses entered under ‘Musica di Chiesa di varii Autori’ (No. 7), into Maria Josepha’s catalogue (D-Dl, Bibl.-Arch. III Hb 787c), an inventory that can be dated to c1743 (Jóhannes Ágústsson, ‘The Secular Vocal Collection of Jan Dismas Zelenka’, 33). The others are by Francesco Feo (I/F/13/8), and Tarantino [Fago]: (III/T/2/1). These are listed into the Catalogo (1765), but not in later catalogues of Wettin family members. This work represents an example of exchange between the royal collection and the collection of Dresden’s Catholic court church. Items could migrate from one member of the royal family to another through gift or inheritance. It also seems that they could also be given to the court musicians.
The stamp on this setting indicates that this work came to SLUB from the Dreyßigischen Sing Akademie on 9 March 1964.
In the ‘Catalogo della Musica di Chiesa’ (c1784) a score only is shown for the Kyrie and Gloria (F) listed under Musica senza nome dell’Autore: III/24/1. There, the scoring for the Kyrie is given as: ‘à 5 voci co’ VVni Vla ed Organo’; scoring for the Gloria is given as ‘à 5 voci co’ VVni Viola, Corni ed Organo’.
D-B, SA 453. Score copy. RISM ID no. 469045300
This setting is attributed to Hasse (CZ-Pak), Durante (RUS-Mk), Fago (D-MÜs), and Ballabene in ‘Catalogus Musicalium pro Chorò Ossecénsi’ (1754) under Missae Solennissimae: sub littera A fol. Imo, No. 5 . See Stockigt, ‘Musica senza nome’, 26 (27.1).
On this setting see Bacciagaluppi & Stockigt, ‘Italian Manuscripts of Sacred Music in Dresden’, 150–51.
Sächsische Landesbibliothek| 9 MRZ. 1964| Dresden.
V. 8 (1903), 426–7: Sarro (Sarri), Domenico [...] In Dresd. Mus: [...] ?Ms. A 337, P. qufol. Messa à 4 v. c. strom. oblg. Am Ende 1739 (Kyrie et Gloria)?
SLB Card Catalogue:
Score copy of a Kyrie e Gloria setting in F by Domenico Sarro (Mus. 2-D-500) held by SLUB.
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