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Mus. 2245-D-1
Uniform Composer:
OETTL (ÖTTEL; ETTL; OËTT; OEUL), Mathias (Matthaeus) (b c1674–d 1725)
Title (Catalogo):
[Messe] No 2
Location (1765):
Schranck II; Fach 7; Lage 2
Scoring (1765):
à 4 voci co’ VVni, Vla, e Basso
Materials (1765):
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2245-D-1
Missa Stae Gertrudis
Thematic Index:
Uniform Title:
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Jan Dismas Zelenka. Inventarium 7/27 (‘cum Parti’). ‘P’ (written over ‘Oss’ which has been scrapped out).
Bound score copy. Blue-grey cover.
Cover title (hand of Zelenka): F (left): Nro 27 (right) | Missa S[anc]tae Gertrudis | à 4 | C: A: T: B: | Violini 2 | Viola | e Basso Continuo | di | S: Ettl Maestro di Capella | della Imperatrice Eleanora.
Incipits in Zekenka-Dokumentation, 59, Nr. 138.
Following the death of the Imperial widow Eleonore Magdalena Theresia of Austria (1720) – Maria Josepha’s grandmother – her Kapellmeister Mathias Oettel became a tenor of the Imperial Hofkapelle. In 1721 he was appointed to the position of choral director of the Schotten church in Vienna.
If Zelenka gave this mass its title (Missa S. Gertrudis), performance on two feast days are to be considered:
1. St Gertrude of Nivelles (626-59), whose feast, 17 March, is frequently listed with the rank of double in the Lutheran, Gregorian, and Julian calendars published in the HStCal for 1729. 1731, 1732, 1733, 1735, 1737.
2. St Gertrudis ‘the Great’ (d 1302), Benedictine nun and visionary, educated in the nunnery of Helfta (Thuringia) where she made her profession. Pope Innocent XI added her name to the Roman Martyrology in 1677. It is reported (Oxford Dictionary of Saints, 207) that in 1738, at the request of the King of Poland, August III (Zelenka’s patron), her feast (15 or 16 November) was extended to all countries by Pope Clement XII. This feast, however, is not listed in any liturgical calendar published in the HStCal between 1728 and 1751.
Zelenka entered three complete masses by Oettl into his Inventarium under ‘Missae integrae’: 7/27 (entered c1729): ‘Ettl’, Missa S. Gertrudis (‘cum Parti’); 8/31 (entered c1729): ‘Ettl’, Missa Gloriae (‘cum Partitura’: See the missing anonymous entry, III/27/9); 11/52a (entered between c1733–36): ‘Oettel’, Missa Sancti Spiritus.
Horn (Hkm, 155) identifies the copyist as ZS O (‘Die wichtigsten Schreiber’, 164).
At the time of writing no Bohemian concordance was found.
Sächs. Landesbibliothek. Depositum der Kath. Hofkirche.
V. 7 (1902), 229: Oettl, Mathias (Matthaeus) [...] kath. Kirche zu Dresden 2 Messen f. Chor und kl. Orch.
SLB Card Catalogue:
Ettl [= Oettl, Matthias] Missa S:tae Gertrudis à 4 [con strom.] F Dur. C. Part. o. J. 1 H. qu.-4to. Mus.-Mscr. Kath. Hofkirche
Score of Messe Stae Gertrudis by Oettel (Mus. 2245-D-1) is held by SLUB.
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