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Mus. 2371-E-1; -E-1a; -E-1b
Uniform Composer:
?MAYER (Majer; Mayeri); Wenzel SJ?
Title (Catalogo):
Salve Regina
Location (1765):
Schranck II; Fach 5; Lage 6
Scoring (1765):
‘a Sopr. S con stromenti’
Materials (1765):
Partitura; Parti
Incipit for D-DI: Mus. 2371-E-1; -E-1a; -E-1b
Salve Regina
Thematic Index:
Uniform Title:
RISM ID no.:
Former owner:
Zelenka. Inventarium 48/5? (‘b: Salve C. solo Violin 2, oboe 2, e Basso Continuo N:’)
Mus. 2371-E-1b: Cover title: bonu[m] (upper right) | Salve Regina à | Canto Solo | Violino Imo | Violino 2do | Con | Organo. Four parts for Canto solo (upper left: Auth: Sigl. P. J. [?] Mayer); Violino Primo; Violino Secondo; Organo.
Mus. 2371-E-1: Bound score copy. A blue-grey cover is kept in the binding with title (hand of Zelenka): F: (upper left): No. 14 (upper right) | Salve a Soprano Solo | Violin 2 | Oboe 2 | Viola | e | Basso Continuo | N: N: | Partitura | Maýer (another hand?). Zelenka’s reworkings are seen throughout this score.
Mus. 2371-E-1a: Catalogue label to correspond with the entry in the missing Catalogo (c1784): Schranck No. II. | Lit: M. 3. Fach 15. Lage | Salve Regina | à Soprano Solo | co’ VVni Viola ed Org. | Partitura e parti | del Sigr Mayer | Incipit. Ten parts. Blue-grey wrapper: Soprano Solo; Violino Pmo; Violino Pmo ‘S. P.’ [Signor Pisendel]; Violino 2do; Violino 2do; Viola; Violone Ripieno; Organo; Oboe Pmo; Oboe 2do.
The composer is probably Wenzel Mayer SJ, who is listed in the 1720 music inventory of Osek. See Renton, ‘The Musical Culture of Eighteenth-Century Bohemia’ (340; 509). Composers named ‘R[ev.].P[ater]. Mayer’, ‘P. Mayer’, ‘P. Majier’ and ‘Mayer S.J.’ are listed in the Catalogue of the Piarist college, Kosmonosích.
I have discussed how these materials represent one process by which Zelenka acquired and reworked musical items for Dresden: Mus. 2371-E-1b represents the materials received; Mus. 2371-E-1 represents the score prepared by a copyist into which Zelenka made alterations to suit Dresden conditions; Mus. 2371-E-1a represents the parts drawn from that score. See Stockigt, ‘Bach’s Missa BWV 232/1’, 51.
[Mus. 2371-E-1]: Sächs. Landes-Bibl. [-E-1a]: Bibliotheca Musica Regia
A 230 (-E-1)
V. 6 (1902): No listing for Wenzel Mayer|Majer|Mayeri.
SLB Card Catalogue:
Mus. 2371-E-1: Mayer, P. J. Salve [Regina] à Soprano solo, violin 2, oboi 2, viola e Basso continuo. N. N. Partitur. [Mit Erweiterung der Instrumentation und geringfügigen Textzusätzen von Jan Dismas Zelenka]. Ms. um 1800 [sic]. Part.= 1 Bl. 10 S. 4o. Mus. 2371-1-1a: Mayer, P. J. Salve Regina à Soprano Solo, co’ VVni, Viola et Org. Partitura e parti. Ms. 10 St.: ,S solo, vl 1 (2x), vl 2 (2x), vla, vlne, org, ob. 1, ob. 2. 4o. mit Umschlagbogen von Kapellarchiv, dort Titel auf Etikett.Mus. 2371-E-1b: Mayer, P. J. Salve Regina à Canto Solo, Violino 1mo, Violino 2do con Organo. Ms., Jan Dismas Zelenka. 4 St.: C, vl 1, vl 2, org (org. mit Titel). 4to.
Score and two sets of parts (10+4) for Salve Regina by Mayer held by SLUB.
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