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Catalogue of the Music Collection
of the Dresden Catholic Court Church 1765

This online resource has been prepared by Janice B. Stockigt in collaboration with the  University Library  at the  University of Melbourne . The  Catalogo della Musica di Chiesa ...  [1765] provides access to a comprehensive database of the music collection of the Catholic court church of Dresden cataloged in 1765. The collection (parts of which Johann Sebastian Bach would have known through his connections with Dresden court composers) comprised works that were either composed for, or collected and adapted for use in the royal chapel of a court renowned for its musical taste and excellent musical establishment. 


The catalogue consists of three volumes. You can access all Volumes in one listing (recommended):

All Volumes

Or use the links below to access each volume (searches will be limited to the volume chosen):

Volume 1: A - K

Volume 2: L - R

Volume 3: S - Z  and Musica senza nome dell'Autore