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Catalogue of the Music Collection
of the Dresden Catholic Court Church 1765

Accessing the catalogue


Browsing volume records

Browse by composer’s last name initial
Accessing further information on a composer
Refining browse search results


Searching volume records

Refining volume search results
Resetting the catalogue


There are a number of ways to search the three volumes of the Catalogue of the Music Collection of the Dresden Catholic Court Church 1765.  

To start a new search, move the mouse to the navigation menu and hover over ‘The Catalogue’.

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A drop-down menu will appear with 4 different ways to browse the contents of the catalogue. Choose one of the four options to either:

  • Access all three volumes in one listing via the “All Volumes” menu item.
  • Access each volume separately via the corresponding menu item – “Volume 1: A-K”; “Volume 2: L-R”; or “Volume 3: S-Musica senza nome dell’Autore”.


Browsing volume records

Once you have chosen a Volume (or All Volumes), you will taken to a new page with additional browsing options.

Browse by composer’s last name initial

You can browse the catalogue by the composer’s last name initial. For instance, to search for Antonio Vivaldi, click on the letter ‘V’ in the list of letters at the top of the page. 

2015-06-03 Catalogo-website-browsing


A list of all composers in the volume with last names that start with 'V' will now appear. Result lists are ordered alphabetically by composer last name. Information about pieces is displayed as a preview below composer name, and an incipit (beginning bars of a piece in standard music notation) is displayed to the right. If there are no composers whose last name begins with a specified letter, the following message will appear 'No data - the result was empty'. Clicking on 'ALL' will return all composers featured in the catalogue ordered alphabetically.


Refining browse search results

You can change the number of results shown using a drop down list located below the browse menu. You can also navigate through the results by clicking on 'Next' or 'Previous' at the bottom of the page, or by selecting a specific page number of the result set. 


Accessing further information on a composer

Once you locate the composer you are looking for, move your mouse over the name (in large text) and click on it. This will take you to a page with more information about the piece. You can also click on the 'Read more' icon to the right of the screen.

2015-03-06 Catalogo-website-Vivaldi-example

The 'Read more' page includes further information about the piece, including: an incipit, reference codes used to identify the piece, information about former owner and musicological classification and remarks. Clicking on the incipit will open another browser tab and the incipit will be displayed in a full screen view. The page also provides links to the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) catalogue. The RISM catalogue includes additional information about the piece and links to other resources. Explanations of abbreviations used in the catalogue can be found here.


You can also search within a volume by typing text into the 'search box' and clicking on the 'Search' button.


If you want to further refine a search, choose a field name from the drop down list located next to the search box. Searching for '2389-E1' in the D-DI field will return 2 Motetti: No 1 In sum medio [Sum in medio tempestatum] by Vivaldi.

2015-03-06 Catalogo-website-instructions-DDI-search

Resetting the catalogue

You can also click on the 'Reset' button at any time to reset the catalogue.

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